Spanish Law

Spanish Law

When you own property in Marbella, or anywhere else in Spain, you will acquire certain obligations - as you do in any country. When it comes to unravelling the intricacies of the "system", Spain can be extremely frustrating to foreigners and locals alike.

If you are a property owner here in Marbella, you will definitely have had - or will have in the future - personal experience of some of these problems.

Community Meeting Attendance All owners are required by Spanish law to become members of an owners community under the ley de la comunidad. The urbanisation or community then levies fees, agrees a budget, and appoints an urbanisation committee which manages the activities of the community. Owners can vote to elect this committee, as well as on major budget issues at an Annual General Meeting. Sometimes it is not convenient for you to attend such meetings - in which case you can vote by proxy.

We act for certain owners in attending such meetings, where they are unable to attend, or cannot understand the language of the meeting. The only legal requirement of the language of community meetings is that they should be conducted at least in Spanish - other languages are optional and subject to AGM approval.

We attend in their place, so that their views can be represented, and they can have trusted feedback on the issues of the day. Often one or more of these issues are vitally important in relation to an individual's property.

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What our Owners Say

We are absolutely delighted with the services and attention we have received from Angela, and we couldn't recommend her more.

Her dedication and management operation really is first class, and we really appreciate having someone around who has been on the Marbella scene for so long, and really does know how to solve any problems here.

What was (initially) a business relationship has become a true friendship - involving high levels of confidence, trust and integrity - all the things you would really want from a manager of your home in Marbella

Haig O. London

We have worked with Angela Sharp for several years now - we own a luxury apartment to the East of Marbella. We recently purchased (2006) a large new villa on the hills above Marbella, and although the builder was top class, we needed a lot of 'finishing' work done - to get the property up to the standard we wanted.

Angela and her team were - as ever - on hand to chase up all our contractors and help fix all the 'snag list' items that needed doing. We have said - quite honestly - that we just couldn't have done this without Angela - she is our 'eyes and ears' on the ground, here in Marbella while we are away.

We really do look forward to working with Angela over the coming years, as we have in the past - we trust her implicitly to do the best for us

Mike & Alison R, Gloucester

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