Professional and very personal care and management of your Marbella home

Professional and very personal care and management of your Marbella home

Marbella Property Management and Property Maintenance Services from Angela Sharp.

If you are a Marbella property owner, but live most of the year in another country, the last thing you want to be worried about is the security and upkeep of your property in Marbella while you are away.

Angela Sharp Property Services is one of the most respected property management companies on the coast. We have been caring for our owners' homes in Marbella for many years now - we look after them just as if they were our own.

Our Five-Star Service Standard

We run our management and rentals business here in Marbella as if it were a five-star hotel - but one in which the rooms are spread out along the Costa del Sol.

Our standards at Angela Sharp Property Services are high because we care deeply about our owners' property, and we care deeply about the offer we can make to our tenants.

We believe that we owe both these groups a standard of care and professional service that is exceptional in our business.

We are long term Marbella residents

As year-round Marbella residents, who live in our own properties here, we know what the problems of ownership are - we have had to deal with them for our own account over many years. Personal experience - from a Marbella property owner - counts when solving problems locally, especially here on the Coast.

Angela Sharp Property Services

Is an authentically Spanish property management company, permanently based in Marbella, with local staff and international management, and long experience of managing all types of properties - from luxury apartments and houses to family villas.

The Spanish Language

Yes, you can get by in English (or any other language) when conducting your property affairs in Marbella.

But with Angela Sharp Property Services you get helpful staff - on your side - who are fluent in both the language here, and in Spanish property business procedures.

There are some things that you just can't do when dealing with your property affairs in Marbella, unless you communicate clearly and effectively in Spanish.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - you need a local partner, who understands the language and the systems.

Work with Angela Sharp Property Services to give you that sense of freedom and relaxation, to really enjoy your Marbella experience.

Property Related Services

We can manage - or assist you with - all property related services in Marbella, Spain

  • Non-rented, owner-occupied Marbella properties
  • Holiday Rentals in Marbella, over the short term normally around 1 to 6 weeks
  • Long term rentals of Marbella villas or apartments with longer term tenancies
  • Marbella Property / Community Affairs
  • Bill paying
  • Legal and accounting assistance in relation to your Marbella property
  • Repairs and refurbishment of Marbella properties
  • New projects and snag lists
  • Owner assistance wherever needed

When you come to Marbella, you should be able to relax with your family and enjoy life - because we can take the stress out of owning a property in Marbella, Spain - Angela Sharp Property Services, Marbella, Spain


We are absolutely delighted with the services and attention we have received from Angela, and we couldn't recommend her more.

Her dedication and management operation really is first class, and we really appreciate having someone around who has been on the Marbella scene for so long, and really does know how to solve any problems here.

What was (initially) a business relationship has become a true friendship - involving high levels of confidence, trust and integrity - all the things you would really want from a manager of your home in Marbella

Haig O. London

We have worked with Angela Sharp for several years now - we own a luxury apartment to the East of Marbella. We recently purchased (2006) a large new villa on the hills above Marbella, and although the builder was top class, we needed a lot of 'finishing' work done - to get the property up to the standard we wanted.

Angela and her team were - as ever - on hand to chase up all our contractors and help fix all the 'snag list' items that needed doing. We have said - quite honestly - that we just couldn't have done this without Angela - she is our 'eyes and ears' on the ground, here in Marbella while we are away.

We really do look forward to working with Angela over the coming years, as we have in the past - we trust her implicitly to do the best for us

Mike & Alison R, Gloucester

Rental Properties

Short term holiday rentals

If you have bought your Marbella property with a view to renting it out as a holiday let, check out our Holiday Rentals page.

Long term tenancies

Some of our Marbella property owners are happier with a lower yielding long term tenancy - but one which offers a more stable income. At Angela Sharp Property Services, we have a number of successful long term rental tenancies running, with working professional and reliable family occupants as clients.

To find out more, check out our Long Term Rentals page

Our Pricing

What will property management cost you ?

Standard Prices

We have a standard price list according to the number of rooms in your home or the size of your Marbella property - which equates roughly to the amount of regular work to be done in most properties. Contact Us for details.

Another factor is whether your Marbella property is an apartment or a house / villa - with gardens, large terraces etc. This generally needs more regular attention and is costed accordingly. For very large Marbella properties we quote separately and come to an individual agreement with the owner.

VAT and accounting

In addition to an annual fee agreed - which is fully invoiced and subject to IVA of 20% (called VAT in the UK and Ireland), we also ask for a "float" to cover agreed expenses and charges, which you will need to "top up" from time to time as it gets used up. Full Marbella property management accounting is provided, with receipts, and discussed with you on a regular basis.

Development Projects

If there are a lot of special requests, development projects or unusual tasks to be completed, then additional costings will be worked out with you.

All costs will be agreed in advance - there should be no surprises.

Rentals accounting and charges

If you are renting your Marbella property out for holiday tenants, then charges for cleaning, laundry and repairs will depend on the number of occupants, or the number of rooms used, or both. Once again, we will agree the charging structure with you in advance.

Amounts for cleaning, laundry, etc will normally be included in the rentals charged to tenants (if we manage the client), and deducted before we transfer any funds back to you. If you are managing client funds, these amounts will added to your management account with us, and deducted from the balance of float held.


One of the most respected management companies on the coast


We've been in business 25+ years with 80+ clients


We speak fluent Spanish and employ a local/international management team


We live in Marbella and care for your home as if it were our own

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