Golf Breaks in Marbella

Interest in golf has surged dramatically in the Marbella area in the last 10 or 15 years. More and more visitors from Northern Europe are arriving to play on top quality courses all along the coast.

If you are a golfer - and want to take advantage of the many facilities here - we have many top quality villas and apartments for you to stay in.

Most are on, or very near to, the best golf courses on the coast.

Renting a Golf Villa or Golf Apartment Golf in Marbella, Costa del Sol

Our range of villas and luxury apartments in Marbella cater for between 4 and 12 people.

So a great golfing party is possible - in your own luxury home, close to top golf facilities, with beaches, bars, restaurants and clubs close by

Whether you come with a dedicated golfing group, or with the family, there are plenty of other distractions for non-golfing members of your party, and our climate almost guarantees that a relaxing time can be had by all.

Golf villa and apartment owners

If you are a property owner with a villa or an apartment on a Marbella golf course, please talk to us about rental possibilities - many of very satisfied owners have taken our management and/or rental package.

Go to our Marbella Property Management page for more details

The rental possibilities vary a bit, but the two "high seasons" for golf in our area are:

(a) October and November - when the climate in northern Europe has started to to turn cold and wet, many courses have closed - particularly in the Scandinavian countries - leaving many regular golfers feeling a bit lost and in need of their golf fix! Golf in Marbella, Costa del Sol

(b) February to April - Christmas has come and gone, but the weather in the north is not yet comfortable for many golfers. On the Costa del Sol, however, the weather is just right for golf with those really bright sunny days, without it being too hot

Discount Golf in Marbella

The golf courses here adjust their prices according to this schedule - you will have to pay much more in the high seasons than in the low.

What this also means is that golf courses are in Marbella relatively empty in the middle of summer (too hot for most people, at 35 degrees plus in August), and in the other low seasons you can also good good offers and promotions.

Golf training facilities and golf training aids

This is an ideal place to learn to play golf, improve your technique, and discover your true potential as a golfer. With a year-round "golf-friendly" climate, there are opportunities every week to work on your game, and to take the improvements out on the course with you.