Cheap Flights to Marbella, Malaga, Spain

As part of the planning or budgeting process for your holiday in Marbella, you will want to shop around for some of the really fantastic travel deals on the market these days. Since the advent of some of the low cost airlines, most carriers now offer cheap airline tickets from the UK and Northern Europe to our part of the world on a regular basis each day.

Cheap flights to Spain and Malaga

Cheap flights to Spain and Malaga

You will be amazed at the value offered by some of the major carriers - and with flight times of just over 2 hours, Marbella has become very much a 'local' destination for many of our clients. Weekend visits are easily affordable - a lot of people are now flying down Thursday night after work, spending a long weekend in the sun, and are back in the office Monday - totally refreshed, sun-tanned and re-charged, ready for the next challenge.

Flights to Malaga and other local airports

The arrival point for most visitors to Marbella is through the airport of Malaga, in Southern Spain - hundreds of flights from all over Europe arrive here every day. Other local airports include Gibraltar, Seville, Jerez and Granada, although transit times to Marbella from these locations will be that much more. You can also travel to Malaga via Madrid, Barcelona or other major Spanish cities, as well as linking through other large European cities such as Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, if your visit is part of a wider trip to Europe.

Major Airlines offering cheap tickets to Malaga

Monarch Airlines

A great way to travel down to your holiday in Marbella.They operate clean modern aircraft, and although are a part of the low cost airline boom of the last decade, they still feature extras which are more common on full service airlines.Monarch 's service offers some unusual features including free daily newspapers, hot towel service, free baggage check-in, and hot & cold meals during the flight from £3.00 Seat booking and extra leg - room You can also get your seat pre - booked at a cost of £5, or purchase one of 48 extra legroom seats from £15 - ask for Monarch Airlines Premium seats(a favourite with my Mum and Dad)The website is extremely user - friendly, and booking procedures very simple to follow.For full information go to The frequent flyer Vantage Club Vantage Club rewards regular Monarch Scheduled customers with a host of complimentary travel privileges.Three levels of membership are available, depending on how often you fly with them - these are Indigo, Silver and Gold.Telephone booking: 08700 40 50 40 Internet prices are slightly lower than those available through the call centres Regular, convenient flights throughout the day and week.The Monarch schedule to Malaga is approximately as below - up to 15 flights per day to Malaga Approx number of Monarch flights per day: Aberdeen - 0 to 1 Blackpool - 0 to 1 Manchester - 2 to 4 Birmingham - 1 to 2 Luton - 0 to 1 Gatwick - 0 to 1 In addition, there 3 to 4 flights per week to Granada from Gatwick, and around 6 flights a week to Gibraltar from Luton or Manchester.Gibraltar is fairly easy to get to from Marbella - Granada takes a bit longer(around 2 hours).Cheap flights with Monarch Airlines - A great choice for your Marbella holiday


Have become one of the most reliable low cost airlines in Europe over the past few years. Famous for their friendly, no-nonsense approach, Easy Jet flights UK to Malaga have become a great boon to Marbella visitors for some years now, who now arrive from many UK airports. Search, Select, Book and Pay for your flights online - go to for more information.You will be able to select, book, and pay for your cheap flights on line - EasyJet have one of the clearest and easy - to - use websites for on - line booking that we have seen.Telephone contact: 0905 821 0905, but surcharges are applied to the call - 95 % of EasyJet sales are via the internet Prices and Timetables will change from day to day and between the seasons - in general, you have to book early to get the best deals and the cheapest flights.But in our personal experience of flying to and from London and Liverpool, for example, we have found EasyJet to be extremely reliable, excellent value for money, and staffed by young and dynamic cabin crews, who can make your journey fun and lively.Regular, convenient flights throughout the day: At the time of writing(September 2006), EasyJet operate a large number of services to Malaga.These will change from time to time depending on the seasons, EasyJet 's own needs, and will also depend on the rate of expansion in EasyJet' s business.You will need to go online at EasyJet to find the latest information, but here is a rough idea of the number of departures for your cheap flights from various UK airports, based on checking some of their summer schedules for 2010 - up to 26 per day !Approx number of EasyJet flights per day: Glasgow - 1 Belfast - 0 to 1 Newcastle - 1 or 2 Liverpool - 3 or 4 East Midlands - 1 or 2 Bristol - 1 to 2 Luton - 3 to 6 Stansted - 3 to 4 Gatwick - 3 to 4 EasyJet is a favourite choice for many of our friends and family - a superb service to the Marbella sunshine !

British Airways

Making travel easier - an excellent service down to Malaga from Heathrow, Gatwick and until recently Manchester. British Airways flights into Gibraltar as well as Seville are also excellent value - Sevilla is 2 to 3 hours drive to Marbella, and worth a visit anyway BA's flights to this part of the world have been operated by GB Airways for many years, under British airways colours, as part of a regional franchising agreement. Through BA's oneworld alliance membership, there is also a code-share with Iberia airlines of Spain, operating regular flights from Heathrow into a number of Spanish cities. Malaga is currently not served by Iberia from the UK, and we're not sure why! Cheap flights policy - In recent years BA have been offering some great deals down to Malaga and Gibraltar. In addition you get all the extras associated with a full service airline, including most of the benefits of their frequent flyer program (as a gold member of Executive Club, BA has been my personal choice for some years). On line booking : for full information go to - once again, a very easy-to-use site packed with information about schedules and BA's destinations Telephone contact : For reservations in the UK, call 0870 850 9 850 - check the BA website for other numbers Flight Schedules: The main services for Marbella visitors fly into Malaga on a regular daily basis : Approx number of EasyJet flights per day Heathrow - 2 Gatwick - 4 If you are travelling from Manchester, you can connect to the Heathrow or Gatwick services, and then fly down from London. Additionally: Iberia operate services to Malaga, through Madrid and Barcelona. Gibraltar has up to 3 flights daily, and the Seville service operates 1 or 2 per day. British Airways has always been a great choice for travel to Malaga, and a more competitive pricing policy has attracted more customers in recent times. As consumers, we can only cheer loudly, as it makes access to Marbella that much easier for our clients to come down to visit us!

Cheap airline tickets

General Pricing comments


Typical prices for these cheap flights are difficult to predict, but we have personal experience from around £25 to £180 for a one way trip depending on the season - this is very good value in the off-peak seasons, given that government taxes and charges represent a large part of this cost. A big advantage of buying these cheap airline tickets is their excellent flexibility - some airlines allow you to change your flight at very short notice for a small fee. Many airlines also offer the option of purchasing 2 x one-way tickets instead of the traditional, round trip fares that were common in times gone by.

British Airways Flights

Flights to Malaga also include the option of using their Club class. There are no first class cheap flights on offer to this part of the world, but BA's business offer is very good value at certain times of the year - obviously peak times such as Christmas or August are more difficult to get the deals.

Transit time to Marbella

Transit time from Malaga airport to most Marbella locations is around 45 minutes by car and taxi, slightly longer by rail or bus. Marbella itself does not yet have a rail link (see news on Renfe and the AVE link to Malaga), but at the moment you can catch a train directly from Malaga airport to the neighbouring town of Fuengirola, then take a bus or taxi into Marbella - around 20-25 minutes more. We collaborate with an excellent and efficient Airport Shuttle Service,that no atter at what time you land, they collect you from the airport and take you straight to the property. It specialises in large groups (groups of more than 4 people + luggage) as local taxi´s can´t take more than 5 people per car. Click here to contact us regarding this service. Transit times to Marbella for visitors arriving in Gibraltar is nearer 1 hour - there is a further border control between Spain and Gibraltar to deal with, which can be very slow on some occasions.

Cheap flights

Other operators

Other scheduled operators serving the Costa del Sol and offering low fares include : from Leeds/Bradford, Blackpool and Manchester from Dublin, Shannon and Brussels from Cardiff, East Midlands, Birmingham, Durham Tees Valley and many more .... Call us on +34 952 83 39 42 for further information regarding renting Marbella Holiday Villas and Apartments. If you click here, you can send us a message using our Contact us form on this website