Weather in Marbella

Hot summers and mild winters in Marbella, the ideal holiday destination in Southern Europe.

At only 2 to 3 hours flying time from most major cities in Northern Europe, its famed 'microclimate' allows sunbathing, watersports, golf and other outdoor activities well into the autumn months (or fall).

A favourite is Christmas Day or New Years Day lunch on the beach, bathed in sunshine, when the rest of Europe is shivering under a blanket of snow, or soaking under a downpour of grey rain !!

La Concha mountain, Marbella

La Concha mountain, Marbella

Our location in the south of Europe helps give us our great weather systems - we are so close to North Africa that, on many days we can see the Atlas mountains in Morocco - a short distance across the Mediterranean.

But the local mountains also have a major impact on our weather.

Our famous backdrop La Concha (translation: 'sea shell') mountain greatly influences weather patterns, and protects the coast from any excessively bad weather that might be affecting either Gibraltar to the west, or Malaga in the East.

Best weather in Europe

Best weather in Europe

The chart shows the average monthly maximum temperatures for Marbella.

Marbella is around 10 degrees warmer at any time throughout the year.

Marbella - a winter golfer's paradise

Marbella - a winter golfer's paradise

The weather in September and October, as well as April to June, is just fabulous.

During summer months, daytime temperatures will be anything between the mid twenties and the high thirties.

Winter days may drop as low as 10 degrees, but there are weeks and days of bright sunshine,clear skies, with temperatures in the high teens.

The summer months are hot and dry, just perfect for the sun worshippers amongst us. Winter period is so mild that many foreign residents move south from their home countries for the winter, to enjoy the open air lifestyle and wonderful climate

There is a bit more rain in the winter months - essential to maintain our reservoir levels and lush green landscaping each year - but in general the weather is bright and sunny most of the time.

So, our weather forecast for today (or any other day) is - probably sunny, with clear blue skies and warm temperatures !

PS Just to make some of us feel a bit more comfortable - as we head for the beach or the golf course!