Renting out your Marbella property as a holiday home

Renting out your Marbella property as a holiday home

If you are like many of our owners, you have invested in a Marbella property with a view to renting to paying guests for a part of the year, as a short term let.

In this way, your investment could be paying for itself over the year, allowing you to enjoy your vacations almost cost free, or even at a small profit.

But, success in this does not just mean placing a simple ad for the short term let or holiday rental, hoping to get some tenants who hand over their money to you.

Rental and occupancy levels expected

We can assist in optimising the rental amounts for you, so that you get a good return for your investment for your Marbella property - in what has become a highly competitive market on the Costa del Sol. At the same time you will want to offer exceptional value for money to your clients.

A satisfied client is a returning client

They come back year after year - and a retuning client is a profitable one. So we work to advise you - as an owner - on the best possible package for both sides - we want happy owners and satisfied tenants


Expectations will vary with the type of property, condition and location. Beware of property salespeople who suggest over-optimistic occupancy or an excessive number of rental weeks - their objectives may be different to yours ! Rents and occupancy proposals can change over time - we have extensive experience of this market, and can advise on what is realistic and what is achievable

Marketing & Advertising

We discuss with individual owners their expectations on rents and activity, and attempt to maximise occupancy levels on this basis. An advertising approach and strategy is developed, which suits the owner and ourselves

Which will feature every property we are involved with. There is a substantial PR exercise under way to broaden awareness of our name in the press across Europe, so that more clients will be attracted to renting your property through us.

We do not charge owners for a website presence on the LetsRentMarbella website

If necessary we also advertise on other high traffic rental websites - this is individually agreed and paid for by specific owners who want this service

We also have a wide network of agents

and associates and agents across Europe, who will help us to promote your property. This is in addition to our own marketing efforts. Our aim is always to attract the largest number of quality paying clients for you - who are prepared to pay the optimum rental levels. This will ensure that your clients are receiving the best value for money for their holiday, and that you are receiving the best return on your investment.

Word of mouth

Much of our business results from returning customers from years gone by

We maintain a detailed Rental Calendar

so that your own vacation time can be "blocked out", and you can set renting availability to suit your own personal timetable.

Rental Arrangements

This page deals with holiday rental arrangements in Marbella only - ie short term lets on holiday properties. Other options might be suitable for you

Long Term Rentals

If you are looking to rent your Marbella property for a longer period, please go to our Long Term Rentals page.

Non-Rented Properties

If you do do want to rent your Marbella property at all, but you are looking for a customised property management package, please go to our Non-Rented Property page

What we offer

Five-Star Service Package

  • Advice on Rental and occupancy levels expected and likely Marketing and Advertising including internet based systems

Rental Operations

  • Meeting and Greeting of rental clients at Marbella properties
  • Welcome Packs
  • Tenant Check-in / Check-out
  • Cleaning and Laundry
  • Changeovers / Turnarounds

Rental Accounting

  • Damage Deposits
  • Cash Accounting

Rental Accounting

Damage Deposits

One unfortunate aspect of renting is that - from time time - there is some accidental damage to your property.

We protect our Marbella property owners against that, by insisting on substantial damage deposits from tenants. We manage these extremely carefully - our overriding objective is to protect our owners' financial position against any loss in these situations.

Our personal "check-out" system - where we meet the departing tenant just before they leave to collect keys etc - ensures that a full inspection is made at the end of the rental period.

Any damage can be assessed, and deductions are made from damage deposits where necessary.

Rental accounting

For all holiday rentals in our Marbella properties, we collect deposits from prospective clients, receive transfers for rents, make agreed deductions and transfer the agreed rental amounts back to owners according to an agreed timetable.

Fully computerised accounts are sent to owners on a regular basis, so that they know exactly how their Marbella property investment is paying off.

Rental Operations

Meet & Greet your rental clients

One of our major advantages, being on the ground in Marbella, is the high level of customer service we can offer. Your rental clients are met at your Marbella property on arrival, features of the property are explained to them, and any final queries can be dealt #with.

Welcome Packs

These can be provided so that rental clients can feel at home just as soon as they arrive. Our pre-shopped Welcome packs can be pre-ordered and bought by rental clients from us. These include all the basic necessities for their first evening or day at the property - tea, coffee, milk, bread or whatever you, or the client, want us to buy.

Tenant Check-in and Check-out

This also allows us to find out about the type of clients who are coming into your home - in this age of internet bookings you often have no idea who is arriving. We can act as your control system.

Cleaning and Laundry

We discuss with owners the level of cleaning and laundry changes required during a typical letting period, and with tenants where there may be special needs during their holiday period.

Changeovers and Turn-arounds

At the end of every rental period we normally send in a cleaning "hit-squad" to turn the property around for the next incoming client. In high season this is often the same day, so we only have a few hours to do this. At other times of the year, the procedure is a bit more relaxed

Our objective is always to present your property as being as close to perfect as we possibly can, for your incoming tenant

Imagine the sheer pleasure of the incoming client on arrival at a beautifully pristine property - or the intense sense of disappointment, if the place is just not up to standard, after substantial rentals have been paid over

What our Owners Say

We are absolutely delighted with the services and attention we have received from Angela, and we couldn't recommend her more.

Her dedication and management operation really is first class, and we really appreciate having someone around who has been on the Marbella scene for so long, and really does know how to solve any problems here.

What was (initially) a business relationship has become a true friendship - involving high levels of confidence, trust and integrity - all the things you would really want from a manager of your home in Marbella

Haig O. London

We have worked with Angela Sharp for several years now - we own a luxury apartment to the East of Marbella. We recently purchased (2006) a large new villa on the hills above Marbella, and although the builder was top class, we needed a lot of 'finishing' work done - to get the property up to the standard we wanted.

Angela and her team were - as ever - on hand to chase up all our contractors and help fix all the 'snag list' items that needed doing. We have said - quite honestly - that we just couldn't have done this without Angela - she is our 'eyes and ears' on the ground, here in Marbella while we are away.

We really do look forward to working with Angela over the coming years, as we have in the past - we trust her implicitly to do the best for us

Mike & Alison R, Gloucester

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