We process personal data in a legal and transparent manner. Personal data is collected for specific and determined purposes. The basis of the processing of your personal data is the legitimate interest of this company, as well as those of the processors to whom your personal data may be assigned.




















Identity of Controller

Office Address:

Angela Sharp Property Services,
Apartado de Correos 2094,
Las Chapas
Marbella 29604,
Málaga Spain




Commercial Registry (Registro Mercantil):


Term and Conservation Criteria

ANGELA SHARP PROPERTY SERVICES as Controller of the Processing will only collect, store, use or circulate the personal data during the time that is reasonable and necessary, to fulfil the purposes that justified the treatment.

Purposes: We store and process your personal data to:

  • Accept you as a client / provider
  • Manage and maintain a business relationship with you
  • Perform accounting and administrative management
  • Perform the fiscal management derived from the commercial relationship
  • Execute business or commercial contracts
  • Ensure that payments can be made or received
  • Deal with queries, complaints and claims
  • Analyse your data for commercial purposes
  • Comply with the legal requirements or judicial requests to which we may be subject
  • Transfer your data to the PROCESSORS hired by this company to carry out the necessary management to comply with the contractual obligation or according to the purpose of the data collection
  • Fulfilling the purpose of legitimate interest demanded by our activity
  • If processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of you, the individual
  • To provide information requested via the contact form Send you information about the company's products and services

This company requires your authorization and consent for the processing of your personal data.

The legal basis on which the processing of your data is based:

  • For the execution of a contract:

    The treatment is necessary for the execution of a commercial, labour or administrative contract in which you are the interested party, create account or in case of application of pre-contractual measures.

  • Compliance with a legal obligation:

    The processing is necessary for the fulfilment of a legal obligation applicable to this company as Controller of the processing.

  • For the legitimate interests of the Controller or a Processor:

    When the processing is necessary to satisfy the "legitimate interests" pursued by this company or by a processor.

  • By consent of the interested party:

    This company requests your consent for the processing of your personal data.


By providing us with your personal information, you approve that your information, in electronic and / or printed format, be archived, transferred or provided to a third party in charge of processing locally or to entities located outside the country.

If the processing of your personal data is transferred by this company, a written agreement has been signed by the PROCESSOR and CONTROLLER. The PROCESSOR has implemented the necessary technical and organizational security measures to guarantee the security and processing of personal data.

  • Transfer of personal data will be carried out if:

    a) you, the owner of the data, have unequivocally given your consent; or

    b) the transfer is necessary for the execution of a contract between the client / company or to take measures in response to a request from the client, which are necessary for the conclusion of a contract; or

    c) the transfer is necessary for the celebration or execution of the client's interests between the controller and a third party hired or hired; or

    d) the transfer is of an important public interest, or for the establishment, exercise or in defence of the law of any right; or

    e) the transfer is necessary to protect the vital interests of the interested party;

  • Disclosure of your personal information

    We may disclose your personal information to third parties responsible for processing and in the circumstances listed below:

    Those who work with us by contract and our service providers who contribute to the work of our company.

    To a seller or potential buyer, in case we sell or acquire any company or certain assets.

    To a third party, in the event that they acquire our company or our assets; if so, your personal information would be part of the assets transferred.

    If we have a duty to disclose or share your personal information to comply with a legal obligation, or to enforce or apply our Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Exchange of data with countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA)

    This may imply that personal data could be transferred to countries outside the EU and EEA, to and to PROCESSORS that may be located in countries outside the EU / EEA.

    Transfers of personal data to countries that guarantee an adequate level of protection outside the EEA will only be carried out with processors that guarantee respect for the principles of treatment of personal data established in European legislation. In case of making transfers to a country that does not have the appropriate level of protection, a legal permit will be requested from the Spanish

  • Agency for Data Protection.

    You can express the rejection that your data is transferred in accordance with the provisions of current legislation, by writing to the following address Angela Sharp Property Services 2094 Las Chapas Marbella 29604 Málaga Spain or


In the case of not having provided your personal data to this company and that these have been obtained from another source, the company will inform you of said collection within a period of one month from the moment of receipt of this data, in all case before the first communication, unless you have previously been informed and consented to this transfer.


You, as the owner of your personal data, can freely exercise your rights of:

  • Access
  • Rectification
  • Suppression
  • Portability of your data
  • Limitation to treatment
  • Opposition to treatment
  • Withdraw consent
  • Claim to the Control Authority (AEPD)
  • Opposition to your data being treated for advertising purposes

How to exercise your rights:

Send an email to:

Send a letter to: 2094 Las Chapas Marbella 29604 Málaga Spain

This company has a person responsible for Data Protection, named and with the appropriate knowledge to fulfil their duties in a reliable manner. The official will ensure compliance with the rules regarding the processing of Personal Data in accordance with the law.


This company has models available to request the exercise of your rights. Request them by sending an email to:

The request for cancellation, limitation or opposition, or rectification will be communicated to all those responsible for the files and to any PROCESSORS to whom the personal data has been assigned, with the purpose of proceeding to carry out the action that has been requested to us within the deadline established by the Law.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data in relation to their particular conditions within the time established by this law. The objection It will be evaluated to assess if it is justified. If justified, the processing of your personal data will be terminated immediately. If the relationship is not formalized or if the consent to use your data in the manner described is not given, your data will be deleted.

If you have sent us a request for the exercise of your rights and if your request is not answered within the period established by law or it is unsatisfactory, you may file the corresponding claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD).


This company declares that it has adopted all necessary and appropriate security measures in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation as stipulated in the Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD) and that it has established adequate technical and organizational measures and security methods within its means to protect the personal data you can supply and to prevent the destruction (intentional), loss, alteration, misuse, disclosure or unauthorized access, theft and against all other illegal forms of personal data processing

This company when processing Personal Data facilitates and applies all the principles that guarantee rights in the processing of personal data, authorization of the owner, duty of information, purpose, temporality, freedom, access and restricted circulation, security, transparency and confidentiality and has considered:

  • The costs of implementing information security systems;
  • The risks associated with processing;
  • The nature of the Personal Data that is processed;

Security is a priority for our company, but no system can ever guarantee 100% safety.

Information security and your responsibilities

The security and confidentiality of your personal information also depends on you. By registering on this website, you will receive a username and password. According to our security measures, you have the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the password and username to access our website, as well as the actions developed in it.

We have no way to verify the identity of those who access the website, so we will not be responsible if your password or username is used by another person. In this case please send us an email immediately to to notify us of any unauthorized use of your password or username. We have the right to disable any user identification or password if you fail to comply with the terms set forth herein or in the terms and conditions of this website.


If the company records images, it will be for the following purposes:

  • Monitor buildings and land used or owned by the Company;

  • Control merchandise stored within the company's facilities;

  • Protect the interests and security of the Company and the interests of employees, customers and / or third parties entering the facilities;

  • Determine crimes or violation of the internal rules of the company,

  • Support legal procedures.

A form that contains the purpose of the video surveillance detailing the possibility of exercising your rights and contact information is available upon request, by sending an email to:


Your personal data will be kept only as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. Once the relationship with this company has ended and its treatment is not necessary, your personal data will be deleted. However, certain personal data, those linked to a liability derived from a legal or contractual obligation, will remain blocked, that is, accessible only to the Administration, until its elimination. The term to keep the data of clients and employees in this category is four to five years in most cases, 10 years in the cases of the Money Laundering Prevention Law.

Once the term of this responsibility is prescribed, these data can only be maintained if they have been previously dissociated (that is, 'anonymized' - without an identification link to the original person).

In the case of CCTV images, these will be erased within one month of recording. If the images are required for legal purposes, their access will be blocked except for Public Administrations, Judges and Courts.


When sending a job application or your CV, you agree that we use your personal data that you have provided or sent to us, including your curriculum vitae, for us to consider, verify and evaluate in relation to the job opportunities of our company. We, and any contractor and external service provider, may transfer and collect such personal data in connection with such purpose.


ANGELA SHARP PROPERTY SERVICES will not share or disclose confidential information with third parties, unless it has express authorization from those who subscribed, or when it has been required by judicial or legal order, or to protect the rights of intellectual property or other rights of the company.


In the case of minors, the law requires that the information be expressed in a way that is easily understandable. This company does not process minors' data.


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The user undertakes to use the contents of the website in a conscious, correct and lawful manner and undertakes to:

  • Not use the content for purposes or effects contrary to the law, public morals and good customs or public order.

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In case of any disagreement, both parties will try to reach an amicable agreement. If this is not possible, the Courts of Marbella will have the competence to reconcile the case and the parties will not have recourse to any other jurisdiction for the purposes of legal action.


The terms of this Privacy Policy may be modified at any time and said modifications will become effective from the moment they are published on this website. If you use this web page after the publication of any modification made to this Privacy Policy, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the modified Privacy Policy. We suggest you check this page periodically.

Last updated on May 2018