Here we offer information regarding your arrival

Welcome Packs

To help with your arrival in Marbella, and make sure you don't have to race down to a local supermarket as soon as you get in, we can do some shopping for you in the form of our "BASIC" Welcome Packs.

We offer two alternatives as listed below, one WITHOUT added beer or cava and one with an EXTRA beer OR cava pack.

For larger groups we would suggest two or more packs being ordered.

The Welcome packs are placed in the kitchen and refrigerator of your property just prior to your arrival, so a refreshing drink is always available when you get here.

Please let us know when you book if you need this service.

Make your choices from the list below and e-mail your requirements to us, or indicate your needs on the booking form in the appropriate section. If you don't want EVERYTHING on this list then also let us know:

1 litre bottle of beer Included

1 bottle water, without gas Included

1 bottle water with gas Included

1 Pack of eggs Included

1 bag Sugar Included

1 litre bottle of "Coke" .. or lemonade ?

1 Bottle RED wine .. or white ?

1 pack Milk Full fat, half fat or low fat ?

1 loaf Bread (sliced loaf) Brown or white ?

1 pack Butter or margarine Flora or butter ?

1 pack Breakfast Cereal Mixed pack or cornflakes ?

1 jar Jam or marmalade Strawberry Jam or marmalade ?

1 pack Coffee Decaffeinated or normal ?

1 large bag Crisps Included

1 pack Olives Included

1 carton ORANGE Juice .. or Pineapple, Apple, other ?

Salt & pepper Included

1 bar Soap 1 per bathroom

Toilet rolls 2 per bathroom

As above list plus 1 bottle of Cava OR 1 pack of beer