Holiday Medical

Emergency and short term medical insurance for peace of mind when you are on holiday in Marbella


Fully qualified doctors speaking English and Spanish


No matter what time it is, they are available


Your emergency is dealt with utmost urgency


Important personal details are available


24-hour mobile doctor service, headquartered in Marbella, with bases in Fuengirola and Estepona, offering high quality medical assistance.

Doctors On Call 365 days a year, 24 hours Service

Doctors On Call 365 days a year, 24 hours Service

Enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that you have your family covered for home visits by a Doctor - who will come direct to the property you are renting from Lets Rent Marbella (Angela Sharp Property Management)

We are official agents for this service, offering short term medical cover policies to our rental clients Holiday Medical 'Home Visit' Cover for periods up to ONE MONTH


One phone call and their doctor and his team are on their way. They are qualified and speak English and Spanish


Why wait for an appointment ? Why suffer ? Why travel for medical help ? Their doctor will come to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The doctor will diagnose and give medical treatment, no matter how minor the ailment


Your emergency is dealt with utmost urgency - the Intensive Care Unit will come your door; the medical team will stabilise the patient and prepare for transfer; there will be an on-board doctor to administer resuscitation if needed, and will stay close until a doctor at the destination hospital can take charge


English speaking staff, qualified in dealing with doctors and the coordination of emergencies - personal member details can be accessed from file, along with details of allergies, daily medications taken as well as any chronic medical conditions. This information can then be transmitted to the mobile team for a personalised, compatible and professional service


When required and approved by the hospital, Helicopteros Sanitarios can provide transfer from hospital to hospital throughout Andalucia (Southern Spain). We will fax or e - mail an application form to you, which should then be completed, signed and returned to us.This will speed acceptance of your application on your arrival Services & Cover Provided - For Holiday Cover 2010 24 - hour Home Doctor Service and 24 - hour Emergency Care & Assistance Service Named Individual Cover - 90 Euros per person, for up to 1 month Couples - 158 Euros per person, for up to 1 month Family Cover - 223 Euros per family for up to 1 month If you wish to join for a full year, please contact us by email If you click on the box above, you can send us a message from our enquiry form NO AGE LIMIT


Anyone, of any age, can be a member and can have this service, even if they have existing medical conditions, without discrimination or penalty.The service can be used as many times as necessary.All this is included in the membership fee

Helicópteros Sanitarios

The leader in Spain's Medical Home Care and Emergency Services, now considered a world leader in the field of emergency medical care